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Canopy Insurance

Canopy Insurance came to us with a specific need. They needed a reputable agency to create a social media marketing strategy that increased engagement and broadened their reach within their local community.

With a focus on health insurance and open enrollment deadlines we created unique and interesting content that targeted their desired demographic.


“We loved the opportunity to create engaging content and graphics that entertain and educate. Canopy’s experience with YCS Marketing has been superb.  Given that we are a small company, we didn’t have the resources to commit to learning about how to effectively use social media as a marketing tool for our business.  We had struggled to gain traction with our social media pages so we were looking for someone to manage it effectively while staying within our budget.

When I met with YCS, they laid out a plan and provide detailed insight into how they would make our social media footprint more effective in helping us generate new business.  Once we signed on with YCS they began working to deliver what they had promised while frequently consulting with us to make sure everything was on the right track.  The folks at YCS are professional, responsive and outstanding to work with.  I would strongly recommend them to any business owner looking for some fresh marketing strategies.”

Justin Fallein – Vice President of Operations, Canopy Insurance


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