Welcome to the launch of YCS Marketing!  For the past 16 months Your City Sampler has been focused on creating effective fundraising platforms for restaurants as well as service industry and entertainment venues. These fundraising platforms filled a void in local communities across the United States and created an opportunity for nonprofits to raise money with a turn-key program that included traditional fundraising discount cards and online fundraising websites.

While working with our fundraising partners and nonprofits we saw a need for a full-service agency that focused on integrated community marketing that incorporated our fundraising platforms and products. We envisioned an agency that supported nonprofits with brand identity, collateral pieces, social media campaigns and fresh websites so they could increase their member base and raise more funds. We wanted to not only help them raise money using our products but teach them how to present themselves to the public, give them the tools to be successful and then teach them how to use those tools.

On the flip side, we also wanted to cater to the small businesses who were willing to support their communities but didn’t have the collateral in place to do it. With the addition of YCSm to Your City Sampler, we are now able to provide graphic design services, brand development, web development, social media development and audio branding to all of our current and potential Fundraising Partners. By increasing the “face value” of our merchants we are now able to help them attract new customers and strengthen their current relationships.

We are growing quickly and look forward to helping you with your local community marketing needs!