Along with everything else, Instagram has updated their privacy policy. Facebook recently adjusted their data use policy and due to their acquisition of Instagram earlier this year, it is easy to believe that Instagram would have a few slight adjustments in the works as well.

… and by slight we mean HUGE.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram does not create a Red-Line version of their privacy policy to illuminate the differences that have been made within the documentation. We will do our best to point out the big changes that will have the most impact on active users and potentially the future of the company. Let’s look back on what ideas Instagram was founded upon.

FREE. We like free everything. Doesn’t cost a dime.

CAPTIVATION. The application offers an awesome way to make our digital photos more captivating with simple color lenses, layers and frames we can add to them from our phone.

COMMUNICATION. Once we have taken our photos, they are stored on our Instagram account in addition to our phone’s camera roll. We can instantly post them to our Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts or text them to our friends. Awesome.


What’s new?

Selling personal information. Yikes.


Basically: By use of the application the user gives Instagram/Facebook complete control over the use and monetary gain in conjunction with selling content. Whether it is voluntarily sold or should Instagram be purchased as a whole.


And this is more than a little unsettling,


What hasn’t changed?

FREE. It’s still free.

CAPTIVATING. It’s still going to be an awesome way to take pictures and make them fancy.

COMMUNICATION. The application is still connectable with social media platforms.


The bad: Your information is being sold to advertisers.


By and large, Instagram (Facebook) is giving itself completely free reign of user’s data and content. Insta-Book is and will be selling your content and information as of January 16, 2013 to any advertiser, known and unknown. As long as users are made aware of these changes we will be happy. Users need to be aware of it and to make their own decision as for continued usage or moving on to find a new application.

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