Now if digital marketing terms leave you less than impressed be forewarned; there are plenty ahead. Do not fret though as today’s set are sure to help your company’s online efforts as you move into 2013. One of the strongest trends across the interwebs is the streamlining of mobile technology with online websites.  This move seems intuitive as more people become glued to their mobile phones, tablets and the like. It is becoming more frequent that you find potential consumers using their mobile device as a primary means of communication and research.

In anticipation of this trend the marketing world has coined a new phrase: SoLoMo. It is an acronym for Social, Local, and Mobile, which represent the new cross-sections of consumer engagement online. People are sharing more information with one another than ever and it is important to be aware of how these connection points can potentially affect your consumer engagement and their buying patterns online.

To understand the basic concept behind SoLoMo let’s illustrate using an example with a random consumer, Suzie. Suzie loves to blog and share insights about the latest restaurants and random specialty shops in her neighborhood and around the city. You own a new trendy boutique that has just opened down the block from her apartment she takes notice and stops in for a visit. While browsing she whips out her IPhone to snap photos of the fashionable new merchandise she’d like to purchase then shares with her personal network on Facebook. Also she commends you on the quality of your products and writes a glowing review about your store on Google places.

The example above demonstrates SoLoMo in action. In a few simple actions you as a company gained a new customer in Suzie, and simultaneously gained potential customers via her online network and personal recommendation. This type of customer enjoys seeking information about new local brands and finds value with the convenience of sharing this information online instantly via their mobile device.  This value is increased when they are able to seamlessly purchase items or services mobile as well. For small and regional brands this is awesome because it gives you the opportunity to shine and stand unique from your larger competitors.  As you plan for online engagement this year be sure to hone in on this concept and maximize your potential for organically capturing and retaining new customers.