There has been a lot of buzz about Prezi, but you don’t really know much about it until you actually sign up and check it out or read extensively about it. Looking at the service from an SEO standpoint – it’s awesome. It’s an excellent and fairly easy way to generate new, unique and colorful content that easily lends itself throughout any social media campaign. Put it on your YouTube Channel, share it on Google+, Twitter, your Pinterest board and Facebook pages. Whew. A little more goes into it though, you’ll have to do a little reading and video watching from the Prezi site.

From your reading you will glean the following information:

  • The service looks like PowerPoint
  • Animation/Presentation looks better than PowerPoint
  • Free, public option & inexpensive, paid options

Once you start working in it:

  • It’s still a great product
  • It’s difficult to work in without a visual plan beforehand if not using a pre-made template
  • There is a learning curve, it takes time to master all of the ins & outs

We cannot stress enough how important creating unique and valuable content is for your web presence and SEO. PowerPoint presentations look nice and function well; Prezi just offers quite a bit more movability and functional idea flow. To see an example of Prezi in action check out one of ours here.