A decade ago, social media was like a rocket ship and if you haven’t gotten on by now, it’s time. At it’s roots, social media was meant to purely connect people but now it’s blossomed into its own world.  Social media’s multiple platforms have created virtual communities for just about everything under the sun and with this, an abundance of marketing opportunities. A projected 15.36 billion marketing dollars will be spent on social media in 2018 in comparison to 21.25 million in 2008, (statista.com). Does social media increase sales?  Is this strategy worth it? Let’s take a look.


Everybody loves statistics and social media statistics are as good as they get. In this chart adapted by techcrunch.com, the monthly users on each of the major social media platforms speak for themselves.

Monthly Users on Social Media Platforms



Of those 2 billion monthly users on Facebook, 1.4 billion users visit the social network on a daily basis, (statista.com). It would appear that utilizing social media as a marketing strategy would be a no brainer; however, that’s not always the case. Businesses can find themselves in the black hole of a negative ROI after their marketing dollars have been spent without focusing on their target audience.


Low Cost. Right timing


Generally speaking, social media marketing can be done at a relatively low cost with a high impact, but It is crucial to understand which social media platforms impact purchase behaviors and drive the most sales. For example, pushing a Facebook Ad on Monday morning for speciality gifts most likely will not yield a positive return as Facebook traffic is at it’s lowest. Timing is everything and when marketing is done correctly, it will directly correlate to increased purchases and sales. Active posting and sharing is different for Facebook versus Instagram versus Twitter on specific days and times as well as which platform performs best when utilizing more visual ads versus informational ads. Does social media increase sales? Yes, but the strategy needs to be executed precisely.


Responsibility with social media.  


Consumers, in their own right, have the power. They look to social media for communication and to feel connected to brands. Being engaged on social media means more than simply posting an ad. It means responding to praise, frustration, or comments from your customers. It means creating customized marketing campaigns, which are personalized, and branded with relevant content, which is delivered to a strategically targeted audience. Social media marketing strategies will not provide an overnight ROI, making the dedication necessary sometimes best suited to a professional marketing company, such as YCS Marketing. Top of mind awareness is where every business wants to be and we can help put you there.  


Social media is like the yellow brick road that leads to becoming a successful business. Call YCS Marketing today for a free consultation. We’re good at creating the right social media strategy and web identity with custom design, brand management and digital consumer benefits. Let us help you increase your sales by harnessing the power of social media.


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