While it is January and cold weather is just around the corner, it is still the perfect time to get outside and play.  Some of the best parks in Kansas City are less frequented during the winter months, so now is the time to explore!


English Landing Park



English Landing Park is located just north of downtown Kansas City, nestled along the banks of the Missouri River in Parkville, MO.  There is a dog park, 4.5miles of hiking, biking and walking trails and play structures.  Because of its proximity to the Missouri River, you can see many species of birds other wildlife on any given day.


Penguin Park



Penguin Park in Kansas City has been a staple of outdoor fun since the late 1960’s.  This whimsical, fun park is host to a giant penguin, giraffe, elephant and kangaroo that kids can play on.  There are slides, swings, climbing equipment, merry-go-rounds and plenty of running space adequate for kids of all ages. 


Antioch Park



Antioch Park is Johnson County Park and Recreation Department’s oldest and most popular park.  The best thing about Antioch Park is the Historic Dodge Town play area.   It is a perfect location to encourage your little city slicker to live in the wild west, attend school in a historic school house, work in a blacksmith shop, or of course round up the local animals.  There is also a traditional play structure, swing set, walking trail and horseshoe pits.


Barry Road Park



Barry Road Park is a quaint, modern park close enough to Park Hill High School, but secluded enough to spend a relaxing afternoon.  A playground, .5 mile walking trail, baseball fields and tennis courts are the perfect mix for family fun.


Meadowmere Park



Located in Grandview, MO, Meadowmere Park has a fantastic playground.  Brumble’s Forest at Meadowmere Park is designed to resemble a giant tree house with slides, swings, oversized morel mushrooms and a skate park if it’s not icy.



With close to 12,000 acres of parkland in the Kansas City and surrounding area,

this list of the best parks in Kansas City should be considered a winter to do list for outdoor recreation and entertaining family adventures on those slightly than warmer winter days.   We hope that you enjoy some of the best parks in Kansas City this season!


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