The Gen Z generation, born between 1995-2012, has grown up in a socially connected, free Wi-Fi world.  There is no need to wait for anything, whether it is an answer to a simple question or filling out an application for a loan.  The thought of daily existence without some sort of digital interaction or connection is not far from a nightmare for most of this generation. What brands need to know about Gen Z consumers may surprise everyone, that is, except the Gen Z’s.


Digital Natives: 

According to Forbes, 92% of Gen Z’s have some sort of digital footprint.  The oldest of this generation are in their 20’s and they react to and connect with software very seamlessly.  Gen Z’s are not typically categorized as impatient, yet they expect the brands they love to know their interests based on their social channels, interact with them and reward them for their loyalty, all while being chill.



Gen Z’s are not Millennials despite the fine line of distinction between the two.  Gen Z’s crave brands that are authentic with their products and support causes that are personal to them.  This generation appreciates original social media influencers vs high profile celebrities or ads depicting perfect lives.   Being authentic means giving consumers the ability to create a unique, non-conforming identity within the brand. 



Becoming lit is far from becoming groovy, in fact, they probably mean something completely different.  Speaking the  Gen Z language, however, goes deeper than using the right slang words, it is transparency…doing what you mean and meaning what you say.  


What brands need to know about Gen Z consumers is that this independent generation is unprecedented.  They are not afraid to dislike or leave a brand because of its core values, regardless of who the influencers are.  This pivotal generation is connected at all times and marketing to them should revolve around real life.


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