How You Can Create Highly Searchable Content For Your Blog


Blogs are like a window into your business. Writing them allows you to be creative, answer questions, and establish yourself as an expert. Creating highly searchable content for your blog comes down to key topics; quality keywords, search-friendly content, and, most importantly, organic prime placement on Google’s home page, positions one through five are the most coveted. 


The first step in creating highly searchable content for your blog is knowing and thinking like your audience. What questions would they ask? What phrases would they use? Spend quality time getting to know your target audience, letting you zero in on topics they want to read about. These topics become keywords that become titles, which is often half the battle of blog writing. To avoid business lingo, think and ask how your target audience would search.


Keywords are the backbone of creating highly searchable content. Most successful keywords are long-tailed, meaning greater than one word. The user has a unique intent for more specific content as the keyword search gets longer. Your blog becomes more search friendly when you incorporate one to two of these keywords into the content, but it’s a fact that Google does not like “keyword stuffing” and will ding you for doing so. 


Another piece of creating highly searchable content is understanding and utilizing the reality of SEO and organic placement. There are multiple search engines, but for the sake of this blog, we will focus on Google. Google’s algorithm is somewhat of a mystery, but according to Backlinko, they use 200 factors to rank websites. The ultimate goal is organic placement in positions one through five if you want to grab the attention of more than two-thirds of all clicks. Ask yourself when the last time you clicked through pages two through ten on Google’s search results. Probably close to never.


You can encourage the user to click on your blog with exciting meta descriptions or previews of the content that appear underneath the title tag. As the author, you want the experience of reading your blog to be enjoyable, keep it short (1500 words) and make sure it is mobile-friendly. 


Creating highly searchable content for your blog is a commitment. Search engines will reward research, planning, and writing quality content, with higher placement. If you are still asking yourself how to optimize your blog, visit us at