Are You Posting the Right Content on Your Social Media Channels?

Social media is like an open book for conversation with your target audience. Some conversations are engaging, and some are like being stuck at the same table as your grouchy Aunt Ida, but all aside, it’s important to remember that not all books are written for the same audience. The success of your social media marketing is unique across different platforms. We will discuss demographic data for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Are you posting the right content on your social media channels? Let’s take a closer look.

For the sake of this blog, let’s consider that your social media campaign has been created. You have researched, identified your target audience, and are ready to be social. Social media marketing is about connecting with your target audience, and as we all know, users on each social media channel have different expectations. That said, sharing the same message is perfectly acceptable; make sure it is relevant, i.e., don’t post a blog on YouTube or make a holiday-themed post in February.

The following demographic data were collected by Sprout Social (SOURCE). It brings to light what the right content is for each platform.



  • Facebook is a great place to start a conversation by asking a question.
  • When posting on FB, the most successful engagement comes from photos and videos; however, pretty much anything goes. Text and credible links to other relevant blogs keep your audience interested.



  • Instagram speaks with aesthetic photos, text-based graphics in the form of inspirational quotes or funny memes, and, more recently, 60-second Reels (taking the nudge from TikTok).
  • Instagram followers love a good “like and follow” ad to receive a special offer.
  • Instagram is a hot button for Gen-Z and Millennials.



  • VIDEOS! Need we say more?

Posting the right content on your social media channels connects you to your target audience. With consistent, relevant, and engaging posts, your audience will want to stay in the conversation with you and will most likely tell their friends. If you would rather leave it to the marketing experts at YCS Marketing, we’d love to help.

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