Best Strategies for Connecting With Your Customers to Build Trust and Loyalty

Customers are on the move; they have choices, lots of them. Besides the fact that customer acquisition costs have increased by nearly 50% in the past five years, loyal customers spend, on average, 30% more in comparison to new customers (SOURCE). Needless to say, it is worth extending a little extra effort to connect with customers to build trust and loyalty.

Check out these three strategies for connecting with your customers to build trust and loyalty.

1. Listen

The foundation for building a relationship with customers is to listen. Asking for feedback is one thing, but acting on the feedback is another. Whether it be a customer survey or an experience with customer service, listening can create an emotional relationship with your brand that will evoke both trust and loyalty. Around 72% of customers would switch to a brand’s competitor after a negative interaction with customer service (SOURCE).

2. Stay in Touch

            Don’t be a stranger to the customers you are trying to earn. Learning a little about your customers will help you provide personalized communication. Interaction with customers across multiple platforms strengthens the relationship with them and keeps your brand on top of their minds. Truly, customer engagement drives development, acquisition, and, eventually, retention.

3. VIP

When customers reveal what keeps them returning, loyalty programs top the list. Rewarding your customers with exclusive discounts, deals, and offers is a small gesture, thanking them for choosing to spend their money with you.

In the “age of the customer,” inspiring loyalty is about creating a connection and a relationship that makes customers feel appreciated. These three strategies will help you connect with your customers, building trust and loyalty for a long-term relationship. It is a win-win situation for everybody. If you want to refresh your marketing strategies in 2023 to become more customer-centric, contact YCS Marketing @