Is TikTok the Right Platform for B2B Companies?

Social media platforms are a highway for B2C, and B2B companies, and there are quite a few to choose from. At 96%, Linkedin is the most preferred social media platform to distribute content for B2B marketers; Twitter and Facebook are next in line, followed by YouTube and Instagram (SOURCE). Don’t get us wrong; these social media platforms are well worth their weight in organic placement gold; however, this year may be the right time to consider shaking up your B2B marketing practices.

Is TikTok the right platform for B2B companies?

First and foremost, all B2C and B2B companies need to have a well-thought-out plan. B2B marketing operates in a crowded marketplace, and navigating it without a plan may leave you without a ride home from the market. Channeling the right platform for B2B companies equals the chance to influence the decision-makers. Some good questions to ask yourself are: How do you stand out as a business? What social media platforms generate the best results? Is it time to think non-traditional for B2B marketing? Is TikTok the right platform for B2B companies?

Generally speaking, B2B is more rational and straightforward than B2C marketing practices. Business decisions are fueled and impacted by potential ROI or bottom-line revenue. Remember, however, that the decision-makers are humans looking for brand authenticity and trust in a service or product to help make their decisions. Despite TikTok’s one billion active users, it is still new territory for B2B companies.

TikTok launched its business feature in early 2020, promoting the ability to connect on a personal level for B2B companies. The TikTok strategy is meant to show off creativity, increase brand awareness, and engage your audience with short videos. This could look like a feature update, showing behind the scenes, or a demonstration, all wrapped up in a humorous, educational, visual format. TikTok remains most popular with younger generations; however, it does reach all age groups. TikTok may be the right platform for your company’s image.

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