Why Video Matters

Have you ever asked someone about reading a New York Times bestseller novel, and they responded that they would wait for the movie to come out? Movies bring stories to life; they allow people to feel the words they had or had not read in that bestselling novel. This concept is the exact reason why video matters; video attracts, drives engagement, and connects you with exactly who your target audience is.

The goal of all marketing is to capture the attention of consumers. It is common knowledge that you want to avoid being on the tail end of a click-through with a high bounce rateHow consumers behave once on your website or landing page is sought-after data on Google Analytics. You can set up event tracking on Google Analytics to look at the length of time, amount of clicks, video-play, and if there is a download once there. It is important to note that Google loves videos embedded in websites. We can discuss Google Analytics later because it is helpful in the ol’ marketing toolbox in establishing search engine rank.


The average user devotes, on average, one-third of their time to watching videos while on the internet, and watching videos is predicted to account for close to 80% of ALL internet traffic (SOURCE). There is a lot of “wow” in that prediction. Trust, conversation, and engagement are the concepts that drive the basics of consumer and business relationships, and video harnesses the power of all three.

2023 will undoubtedly continue to be hyper-digital for all generations, with smartphones in everyone’s hands. Adding video is gaining significant traction, but there still has to be an ROI to appease the typical 5:1 cost-to-revenue ratio within a budget. Here are two statistics that can’t be ignored. It was reported that 96% of consumers have engaged with an explainer video and over 50% of users view explanation videos before purchasing a service or product (SOURCE).

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