5 Reasons Why it’s Important to Keep Your Website Up-to-Date

Not long ago, prospective customers expected businesses to be listed in the yellow pages. Occasionally, the ink would stain your fingers as you flipped through, and customers knew that if the company had paid to advertise, it must be a credible choice. Realistically, it is not much different today, just on a grander scale. A staggering 97% of users search for businesses online, with 78% of these local searches resulting in an offline conversion (SOURCE). Let’s take it one step further. 70% of consumers will visit a store because of information found online. This includes contact information, reviews, and, you guessed it, an up-to-date website. Knowing the top 5 reasons why it’s important to keep your website up-to-date is key to growing your business.

  1. Websites never sleep, making them the best employee a business owner could ask for.  Up-to-date websites allow people 24/7 access to the information they need when they want it because searching for a business online at 2:00 am is the same as 10:00 am.
  2. Credibility: People rely on businesses to have an online presence. Without an up-to-date website, the opportunity to build credibility and trust will be lost and most likely never searched for again. This is an excellent time to mention that first impressions are created in 50 milliseconds, which is also the time it takes to click past a boring website.
  3. Current: Current means more than just avoiding Times New Roman font; it means sharing updated news and posting regular content and informational blogs. This is a win-win because users know you are present in your business, and Google will organically rank your website higher on their search engine by doing so.
  4. Technology: This goes without saying that today’s technology is more advanced than in 2000, but already behind the curve for what’s in store for 2024. Keeping up with current trends and features will show that your business is poised to adapt and grow.
  5. Seamless: An up-to-date website will be seamless from a user’s computer to their phone. A responsive web design does not have to look the same, but the output should be the same. According to Google, 60% of people will not return to a website if they have difficulty accessing it on their mobile devices.

A well-designed, up-to-date website is the key to growing your business in the digital age.  At YCS Marketing, we live and breathe the digital age. We are good at web identity, brand management, and social media, to name a few.

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