Which Platform is Best for Managing My Business Videos

Time spent watching online videos will expand by more than 20% over the next two years to an average of 100 minutes daily, making online video the “fastest-growing digital channel by advertising expenditure”(SOURCE). Video marketing has become a must-have for businesses to boost their brand in today’s crowded digital world. Video marketing campaigns depend on specific needs and, of course, budget. This blog will give you a few ideas about the best platform for managing your business videos.

It is hard to think about videos outside of entertainment; however, businesses use videos to send product tutorials, updates, or real-time collaboration with live streaming. Videos can connect and engage with their customers on a visceral level, creating an emotional relationship that results in brand loyalty.  Video strategies have many moving parts, including choosing the right video management software, creative development and editing, and finding a dedicated hosting service.

Platforms have evolved from offering a simple piece of online real estate to being able to customize, provide marketing options, and ensure videos play smoothly across all devices and browsers. The top three platforms for managing business videos are YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia.

  • YouTube (Web, Android, iOS)

YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform allowing you to upload videos at no cost. YouTube allows businesses to customize their channel to match their brand and provides analytics tools to help engage viewers and customers.  Google loves YouTube videos, often giving them prime ranking spots within Google searches. Last time we checked, YouTube had approximately 120 million daily active users!

  • Vimeo (Web, Android, iOS)

Vimeo resembles YouTube as a video-sharing platform but offers improved business features for team collaboration for creating and editing, marketing, analytics, and customizable video player options. You can embed a video created with Vimeo on any platform without the Vimeo logo. There is a monthly cost associated with Vimeo.

  • Wistia (Web)

Wistia is specifically designed for businesses as it is full of marketing features to track progress, collect leads, and ROI on created content. Features include customizable video players, video analytics, and integration with marketing automation tools. It is important to note that Wistia’s marketing features are only available when the video is embedded on a webpage. Exporting the videos to any social media platform will turn off all customizations and marketing features. There is a cost beginning at $24/month.

The above list is the condensed version of which platform is best to manage your business videos. Determining the best fit for your business comes with understanding your specific needs, desired audience, budget, and standout features. If you are struggling to decide which platform is best, let us help! YCSMarketing is your one-stop shop for all of your video and marketing needs.

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