Why You Shouldn’t Upload Videos to Facebook from YouTube

Facebook and YouTube are considered to be social media giants, topping out at nearly 3 billion MAUs. Generally speaking, Facebook and YouTube boast dedicated audiences with specific viewing habits and online behaviors unique to each platform. But the one thing they do share is the viewer’s love of video content. This leads us to discuss why you shouldn’t upload videos to Facebook from YouTube. Of course, it is technically possible, but let’s consider why we don’t recommend it.


While the number of monthly active users and time spent per day are nearly the same, Facebook’s audience has a relatively short attention span of three seconds, with YouTube’s topping one to two minutes. Depending on your target audience and intended content, uploading the same video to both platforms will not have the same effect. It is important to note that social media usage and habits differ among user generations. If your target audience falls within Gen Z, Facebook is not the place for your video.

Content Discovery:

The act of discovering content is unique to each platform.YouTube users enter with the intent of watching a video, while Facebook curates videos to show up on your feed based on the robust algorithm. Plus, the whole point of creating videos is to boost your online presence, establish trust, and engage your target audience. Uploading the same video to both YouTube and Facebook can result in duplicate content, hurting your SEO rankings and viewers’ ability to discover your content.

Content Quality:

The video quality may suffer when you upload a video to Facebook from YouTube. Facebook will automatically compress the video to optimize it for its platform. This can result in a loss of quality when viewed, directly affecting your marketing.


One thing we love is success, and YouTube and Facebook don’t speak the same language regarding analytics. Uploading a video to Facebook from YouTube means you won’t be able to track metrics like views, engagement, and demographics.

Posting video content is an asset to any business, but it is generally best to upload your videos to each platform separately to get the biggest bang for your buck! Now the best part  – are you looking to create video content that makes you stand out on ALL the platforms? We’re good at that! YCS® Marketing can help you with brand development, web identity, video production, and social media.

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