Tactics to Effectively Describe Your Business

We all know that describing your business is as vital as implementing your business plan, especially when delivering an elevator pitch. Without a doubt, entrepreneurs can create masterpieces out of a simple idea, but when describing their business, sometimes they need help voicing their concept. Describing your business allows you to set yourself apart from others and inspire your audience to use or purchase your products or invest in you on a grand scale. Here are a few tactics we have found helpful to describe your business effectively.

*Master an Elevator Pitch* Often, the opportunity to pitch your business does not occur in an ideal situation. Prepare a concise and captivating pitch that grabs your audience’s attention within eight seconds (average human attention span), with a final summary in 30-60 seconds. This is the time to highlight your unique qualities, present your product or solution, and define your target audience.

*Be Authentic* Be honest and transparent, whether this is an online description or in-person communication. Tell your story when sharing your mission and core values in a way that creates a connection with your brand. The opportunity to establish credibility comes with describing your business.

*Focus on the Benefits* A business is often created to meet a demand or provide a product or solution to a problem. Focus on describing these benefits in a voice that speaks to your target audience.

*Show Social Proof* People love to be connected to businesses that resonate with their personal beliefs, and they look to their social media for this relationship. Share reviews and testimonials on your social media that reinforce your business description. By tailoring your message on your social media platforms, you are speaking directly to your target audience.

Overall, describing your business should come from the heart. Authenticity clearly and concisely will build a community around your business. Need help developing a plan to help your business pitch? Contact YCS Marketing to customize and tailor your online business identity today.

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