UX- User Experience, Why is it so Important?

Think about the last time you had a positive user experience with a product or website. Most likely, the first one you thought of was one you are most satisfied with and most loyal to. This is what’s considered a positive user experience or UX. Why is this so important? Well, because there is a direct correlation between the user’s perception of a product, website, or service and whether or not they will become loyal customers.

The concept of UX is not new but has become more mainstream in today’s world of endless choices. There are many contributors to the idea of UX, but the term “user experience design” was coined by Donald Norman, a cognitive scientist at Apple, in 1995. He stated, “When creating a product, whether physical or digital, the user’s desires and needs should always be the dominant driving force behind the design” (SOURCE).

The primary goal of UX is to meet the user’s exact needs. The human-focused design looks like this: a user uses a website or app, it is easy to navigate, loads quickly, the language is easy to understand, and the product is found efficiently. It is the sweet spot between designing technology, growing your business, and understanding people. You may think that UX and UI are the same concepts, but they are as different as they are the same. UX is the emotional connection to the design, and UI is how users interact with it.

Designing a positive UX is worth putting some energy into it. The upfront cost might be higher, but you will have identified and addressed usability issues and potential roadblocks in the long run. As measured by engagement, user satisfaction will give you a competitive advantage, encouraging retention. A positive UX establishes trust and credibility by decreasing complexity and eliminating confusion. Fewer errors and a smoother user journey ultimately lead to an excellent brand reputation. UX will continue to grow as an essential aspect of business strategy and technology design.

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