Engaging a Professional Photographer When Your Smartphone isn’t Enough

The days of dropping off film at the store are almost a figment of imagination in 2023, and digital camera use is not far behind. Without a doubt, smartphones have become the dominant type of camera for personal photography, but what about when it comes to business? Is smartphone photography good enough? Yes. No. Maybe. Smartphone cameras have revolutionized photography personally and professionally; however, engaging a professional photographer may be more about the professional than the camera.

In portrait mode or not, we have all become amateur photographers with our smartphones, capturing good photos, applying visually appealing filters, and cropping to suit our needs. All looks perfect when posted; however, we need to remember that professional photographers are creative storytellers through the lens of their cameras. They have a creative eye for angle, composition, and distance; they understand lighting, shadows, and patterns and have embraced technology.

Engaging and hiring a professional photographer begins with doing a little homework.

  • What is your budget? 
  • What are your needs? 
  • Are you looking to photograph an event or product? 
  • Most importantly, evaluate their work AND reputation, looking for one who resonates with your brand identity.

There is a valid discussion that smartphones can be considered the ultimate portable cameras for amateurs (every smartphone user) and professionals themselves; however, depending on who snaps the photo, the quality, skill, and level of control may differ.  Engaging a professional photographer may be an invaluable investment for your product or brand and is worth looking into.

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