Brand Awareness Campaigns vs. Sales Campaigns


Marketing strategies and campaigns almost always come with a purpose! Brand awareness is a starting point or way to introduce you to your target audience, and sales campaigns seek revenue. While these two marketing campaigns need one another to be successful, they are uniquely different.


Brand awareness campaigns are designed to increase the visibility and recognition of a brand among the target audience. The focus is on creating a positive image of the brand in the minds of consumers without necessarily pushing them to make a purchase. Brand awareness campaigns act as a foundation for the customer’s journey through the sales process, and first impressions are everything regarding brand awareness. According to the human brain, you only have seven seconds to make that first impression; that’s a pretty quick turnaround! 


On the other hand, sales campaigns aim to drive immediate purchases from customers by promoting specific products or services, highlighting their features and benefits, and offering incentives such as discounts or freebies. The objective is to generate revenue and boost the bottom line. 60% of consumers will only purchase from a brand they know, which is where brand awareness campaigns come into play. 


Today’s consumers demand transparency, trust, and quality in the brands they choose to be loyal to. That’s a lot to pack into seven seconds! Let us help you put your brand in front of customers and help them down the sales channel.


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Fun Fact:

Did you know that incorporating the color blue into your logo or messaging invokes feelings of dependability and trust, or by adding yellow, you increase happiness and optimism?