Are You Responding to Online Reviews and Remarks on Social Media Regarding Your Business?


 It is hard to remember what life was like before online and social media reviews existed or what it felt like to visit a restaurant without knowing what others thought about the wait staff, prices, or even what the food looked like. Nowadays, consumers rely on being informed. In fact, 98% of modern consumers read online and social media reviews for businesses before considering a purchase. If you haven’t, you need to ask yourself if you are taking enough time to reply to online reviews and remarks on social media that mention your business.


60% of consumers believe that the number of reviews a business has is crucial when deciding whether to use its services, trusting online reviews more than personal recommendations (SOURCE). Customers appreciate prompt responses that demonstrate commitment to customer service. A simple message of appreciation such as “Thank you for choosing us. We look forward to serving you again.” can evoke positive emotions and increase customer loyalty. Thinking that you can just add positive reviews? Not so fast; today’s consumers are savvy and can quickly spot fake reviews. Too many overly positive reviews with high ratings can actually work against your business. We all love positive reviews, but the value of transparency almost ranks higher. 96% of customers specifically look for negative reviews and the business response (SOURCE). Customers expect businesses to respond to negative feedback within one week and may change their perspective based on the response. Responding to online reviews is vital. 


Now, onto the lighting speed of social media. The impact of social media reviews can have a real-time effect on any business, allowing for quick reactions, resharing, tagging, and retweeting. With 3.43 billion social media users, responding or not responding to reviews will directly affect your business (SOURCE). 


It’s important to stay engaged with your customers and address any concerns or feedback they may have, positive or negative. Keeping up with online reviews and social media comments is crucial for staying ahead. 2024 is just around the corner, making it the perfect time to refresh your marketing plan.


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