Do Promotional Products Work?

The digital era has changed how people interact with the world. Naturally, this means that the world has had to change how it interacts with people. For the sake of this discussion, the world will be businesses and their evolving ways to stay connected to their customers. Retaining customers is a highly competitive challenge that businesses face. The success of a marketing campaign hinges on ROI. But what really works? Social media? SEO? TV ads? Promotional items? These marketing strategies are successful tools, but let’s focus on promotional products and how they work.

Defining Promotional Products

Promotional products are items that a company uses to promote its brand or services. These items are usually given away for free to their target audience, often featuring the company’s logo or slogan. Examples of promotional products include pens, keychains, t-shirts, and other branded merchandise. You may have never given out promotional items, but we bet you own a pen with a realtor’s name displayed on it. The use of promotional products aims to increase brand recognition and loyalty and provide customers with a tangible reminder of the business and its offerings.

How Promotional Products Work

Consumers tend to keep branded merchandise or promotional products for approximately seven months. To maximize the benefits of promotional products, it is essential to ensure that they are useful and are aligned to fit the needs of the consumers. Promotional products with a well-designed purpose create a lasting impression that prevents them from being discarded. To top it off, free items develop a sense of reward for consumers, which can help to build loyalty.

What Is The Perfect Promotional Product For Your Business?

In a nutshell, target audience, budget, and distribution options must be considered. Hopefully, your target audience will have already been defined in the initial stages of developing your marketing campaign. Marketing budgets are generally allocated at 5-10% of business revenue, which should include promotional products. Remembering that ROI does not happen overnight is a good idea, and breaking the bank with a freebie is not a solid strategy. In the United States, bags are the most effective promotional items for generating impressions, whereas pens offer the best value. Lastly, distribution options. Business events, trade shows, and holiday gatherings are all perfect opportunities to give away promotional products and create a loyalty buzz around your business.

Do promotional products work? In short, the answer is yes! Do you need promotional product ideas? Contact YCS Marketing and let us help you create that loyalty buzz.