Justifying the Cost of That New Custom Video or Animation


Investing in a custom video or animation is a strategic decision that offers unique benefits. Unlike stock videos, which lack personalization and can be easily replicated, custom videos or animations are tailor-made to tell your brand’s story from an authentic perspective, incorporating your brand’s colors, style, and tone. This investment in creating a cohesive and memorable brand experience is substantial, but the returns are equally significant. Let’s explore some key factors that make this investment worthwhile.

In the era of social media dominance, platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become the new battlegrounds. While concise, impactful descriptions are essential, videos and photos truly make a statement. Whether you’re updating your social media status, promoting your products, or organizing an event, a custom-made video can be the game-changer that helps you achieve your goals.

So, how much does a custom video cost? Let’s compare it to buying a vehicle. The base model may not have the features you want, and the most advanced model may not fit your style either. Similarly, a stock video may only partially capture your brand’s essence. It’s best to consider the value of the message, the video’s shelf life (generally three to five years), and the potential impact on your audience to determine the best option for you. Different video elements such as animation styles, object quantities, or add-ons like voiceovers and specialized equipment can affect video complexity and cost. A typical 15-18 minute custom video production requires a minimum of three weeks and multiple professionals to script, narrate, film, create graphics, and post-production, versus a stock video that you can click, copy, paste, and post.

A unique brand message can be the only reason you need to justify the cost of commissioning a new custom video or animation. However, considering other factors, such as your deadline and turnaround time, is essential while justifying the price. If you have a short deadline and need a custom video, you might require additional resources to work overtime, which could offset the long-term value. If you are considering having a custom video or animation produced, you have come to the right place. YCS Marketing can help you reach your goals and all of your custom video needs.