How Do Clients and Patients Find Your Services on the Internet

                Do you remember the days when we used to search through the Yellow or White Pages to find a business? The memories of those thick directories filled with hundreds of pages of banner ads and telephone numbers, leaving ink stains on our fingers, are unforgettable. In January 2019, after more than five decades of printing, the primary way to find services officially ended, and the internet was ready to take over. To ensure that clients and patients can find your services on the Internet, it’s essential to implement a multifaceted digital marketing strategy.

Making your services easily discoverable to clients and patients online begins with your website. Your goal should be to land on the first page of Google, and the only way to do that is to be keyword-rich in the content of your website (SEO). Your website should also be visually appealing, contain authentic information, and be responsively designed for all devices. Google consistently crawls websites for fresh and original content; regular updates will help Google favor your site.

A pro tip to remember is to ensure that your website developer has incorporated those keywords into your page titles, meta tags, image descriptions, and page descriptions.

Retargeting: 97% of first-time website visitors leave without making a purchase. Depending on your target audience, budget, and objectives, there are various options for retargeting or remarketing to put your business or service in the spotlight. Google ads are targeted ads that appear in search results for specific keywords related to your service. Social media ads use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to run targeted ad campaigns.

Keeping in touch with clients and patients after they discover your services on the Internet is essential. You can initiate the relationship by providing an online booking system to facilitate easy patient appointment scheduling. Additionally, establish a referral program for clients or network with other professionals to stay engaged in your community. The objective is to incite interest in searching for your services online.

Finally, analyze and track the performance of your efforts with Google Analytics. Use the data to adjust your strategies and improve your results. With the days of the Yellow and White Pages long behind us, finding your services on the Internet is just a click away. Contact YCS® Marketing for more information.