Why You Should Highlight Client Testimonials in Your Marketing


 Today’s world lives and breathes testimonials thanks to smartphones and 24/7 access to social channels. People crave authentic feedback on businesses and products before deciding on a purchase or partnership. In short, the power of testimonials rests with people being more trusting in other people vs. other marketing strategies. Continue reading for more facts about why you should highlight client testimonials in your marketing.


Client testimonials provide emotional insight and bring added value to your branding or product. Testimonials differ from reviews in that highlighted testimonials are generally hand-picked, personal, and positive recommendations. Reviews are opinions and, as we all know, can be positive or negative. Marketing strategies have evolved with time, no longer relying on just “taking your word” for it. If someone has found your website and takes the time to read client testimonials, they are most likely your target audience. Highlighting client testimonials not only creates trust and credibility; but also gives people the opportunity to become brand advocates, aka word-of-mouth marketing.


Highlighting client testimonials in your marketing strategy is a tool that is easily combined with many other effective marketing tactics like SEO and social media. If you are looking for ways to encourage client testimonials, consider implementing a loyalty program. Incentivizing clients for their positive feedback is a great way to motivate and engage people with your brand or product. 


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