What You Need to Know About Google Analytics

A website can be considered the storefront for any business. Customers can walk by, come in or make a purchase with a few simple clicks. The apparent point is that website traffic can be noticed or ignored; trust us, seeing it is a much better option. Google thought so, too, launching Google Analytics in late 2005. Keep reading to learn what you need to know about Google Analytics.

Google Analytics (GA) is best described as a platform that collects data about your customers from your websites and apps to create reports that provide insights into your business. Google does not share exact data; however, a rough estimate of 4 billion searches occur daily, and Google analyzes all of them. There are dozens of GA metrics you can customize to track and create reports from, but for the sake of this blog, we are only going to focus on four main GA reports.

1. Overview of Audience Reports helps you understand your users’ characteristics, whether or not your advertising is effective, and if you have created lifetime value.  This can be a relatively comprehensive report, breaking down the following:

  •  Demographics: Age and gender.
  •  Active users of your website or app that you can use to gauge user enthusiasm.
  •  Geo: Language and Location of your traffic.
  •  Customer journey or user flow: This represents the users’ path to get through your site.

Learn more about the overview of audience reports.

2. Acquisition Reports looks at your users’ Acquisition-Behavior-Conversion cycle (ABC). This report will tell you where your users are coming from, their behavior on your site, and their conversion patterns. Also included in this report is the Advertising Report. This report will help you analyze the traffic source and improve your online advertising efforts. 

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3. Behavior Reports are essential to help you understand the user experience and their engagement with the content on your website or app. Behavior reports can further be customized to interpret site speed, measure events, or content grouping  (to name a few).

Learn more about behavior reports.

4. Conversion Reports are a direct correlation of the completion of the desired activity, whether a transaction or the completion of getting the user to sign up for a monthly newsletter. You can set up business goals and/or E-commerce tracking using Muti-Channel Funnels to track how your channels work together.

Learn more about conversion reports.

What you need to know about Google Analytics is that it is a wealth of information for you to create business goals and understand your customer’s journey. We know a thing or two about Google Analytics and how it can be customized and used to improve your business. Contact us @ ycsmarketing.com to get the conversation started.

 Learn more about what you need to know about Google Analytics.