What’s the Difference Between a Custom Website and a Template Website?


The digital landscape of today demands an online presence. Recently, there has been discussion as to what is more important, social media or having a website. The answer is that you need both. Social media is fantastic for generating leads; however, websites are the channel for those leads to turn into revenue. Let’s look at the difference between a custom website and a template website.


There are multiple moving components to websites, including costs for hosting, domains, and website design. Template websites are cookie-cutter designs that can be minimally customized to meet the owner’s needs. Custom websites are built to suit. The decision to create a custom website versus a template website virtually boils down to four critical factors.


Budget: Template websites are more cost-effective than custom-built websites. Generally speaking, a business can purchase a template for a one-time fee versus the hourly cost of a custom design. Both options have advantages and disadvantages relating to budgeting for them; you don’t want to break the bank, but you also don’t want your 24/7 branding investment to lack quality.


Time: Realistic timelines are sometimes hard to manage. Custom-built websites require a minimum of two to four months to work through all the moving parts. If you have less than a two-month deadline to launch, your best option will be a template or a temporary landing page.


Functionality/Scalability: You must ask yourself about the website’s purpose. Is it to launch a product? Is it meant for basic information? Do you need it to be mobile-responsive? As you can probably guess, template websites have limitations as they cannot function outside the “one size fits all” model. They are perfect for providing basic information, much beyond that, and you will find yourself needing to improvise. On the other hand, custom websites are built with the flexibility for growth, extra features, and scalable options.


Brand Awareness: Ask yourself what the objective of your website is. If it’s to differentiate your brand from the competition or drive in new customers, then a custom-built website is the only way. 


The bottom line is that deciding between a custom-built website and a template website comes down to your goal. It is a no-brainer if you have time, room in the budget, and are poised for growth. Custom-built websites allow you to express your brand and connect with your customers.  If you are in the market for a custom-built website or have any other marketing needs, contact your local marketing experts @ YCSMarketing.com.


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