Update My Website or Create a New One

It is hard to believe that the first website was created in 1991 with little fanfare or interaction. Thirty-three years later, websites serve as virtual storefronts for many businesses. However, websites have a lot to achieve in a very short amount of time. Why is this important? Humans have an attention span of only six to eight seconds, which may be even shorter when browsing a website. (FYI a goldfish’s attention span is nine seconds!) So, should you update your current website or create a new one? It’s a great question to ponder. Keep in mind that you are already six seconds into reading this blog, which means your attention span has been captured. This blog is definitely worth reading!

Analyzing your website can be challenging for most because if it isn’t broken, why fix it? Maybe all you need are some fresh colors or graphics, but there are a few key elements that would suggest a complete website redesign.

First things first, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is your goal? Are you looking to increase website traffic or the time consumers spend on your website? Do you want to change the functionality of your website?
  • What is your project budget? It goes without saying that creating a new website is less cost-effective than updating one.
  • Do you want to improve your online presence or update your brand?
  • What is your timeline?

Deciding whether your website needs a fresh coat of paint or you should start fresh can be challenging. Businesses can survive with only a social media presence (no website), and naturally, the importance of online presence varies by demographic. However, it’s difficult to ignore that almost 75% of customers conduct online research before purchasing. This statistic means that websites are still necessary for nearly seven out of ten shoppers. Unless your current website is too sluggish to keep visitors engaged or you need to change your website structure, the solution might be that your website just needs an update or refresh. Either way, bringing on a web designer can take your website to a new level. The web designers and marketing team at YCS Marketing will help you answer your questions, create a solution, and optimize your website with a refresh or a redesign.

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