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Why you should be advertising on Facebook

Why You Should Be Advertising on Facebook  Why advertise on Facebook if there are tons of social media platforms or digital marketing channels to choose from? Well, the answer is simple - everyone is on Facebook.   Facebook content creators generate more and more different types of content every day. To advertisers, this means that it is becoming extra challenging to distribute and get their content in front...

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How to Verify your Social Media Profiles

How to Verify Your Social Media Profiles   Standing out on social media can be a challenging task, but one of the easiest ways marketers and brands can get a leg up on competitors is through profile verification. While the steps to request verification are simple, becoming approval-worthy usually takes time and patience.   Verified social media accounts are usually marked by a blue checkmark symbol. When social media verification was first introduced it represented status and was reserved for celebrities and...

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Increasing Engagement on Social Media

Simple Ways to Increase Engagement On Social Media   While many businesses use social media, a lot of them struggle to get engagement. Simply defined, engagement is the measurement of comments, likes and shares.   Of course, when people think of signs of a successful social media profile they look to the number of followers an account has. Having many followers will always be a goal for any social media profile, however, the...

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