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Social Media: How Often and When to Post

Social Media: How Often & When to Post   As a marketing agency, specializing in social media marketing, one of the most popular questions we get time and time again from our clients is, “How often should I post to social media?”   While many people are looking for a magic formula to solve their social media challenges, it’s important to understand there is so much more to a successful social media strategy than just posting...

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Social media user demographics

Social Media User Demographics Guide   In the world of social media marketing, not all platforms are created equal. In fact, as marketers we know that each platform has a different purpose and offers us different ways to engage with their audience.    In addition to this, there are different user demographics for each platform. The same people are not on or as active across every social media network that is available. For example, some age groups are more...

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Welcome to the launch of YCS Marketing!  For the past 16 months Your City Sampler has been focused on creating effective fundraising platforms for restaurants as well as service industry and entertainment venues. These fundraising platforms filled a void in local communities across the United States and created an opportunity for nonprofits